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56 (Star Wars Inspired) Tips to Improve Communication

56 (Star Wars Inspired) Tips to Improve Communication

56. Speak from the heart, not everything requires force.

55. Look inside for your true intent before engaging in conflict.

54. Know that communication is more then just verbal.

53. Different cultures see things differently, language can be a barrier.

52. Best friends can be enemies in disguise, your nemesis might have more in common with you than you think.

51. Seeing isn’t always believing.

50. Trust is a two or three way street.

49. Don’t attack others and ignore your own flaws.

48. The smallest of mistakes can have huge impact, but forgiveness must always be possible.

47. You can forgive without forgetting but learn from your mistakes.

46. Learn from the mistakes of others, and be open to advice.

45. Where you choose to meet can be as important as how or why.

44. Always be grateful and express it.

43. Tell people you love that you do.

42. Trust in yourself and be ready to take a leap of faith.

41. Avoiding one situation can dump you in another one at hyper speed.

40. Close your eyes and hear everything.

39. Open your eyes to the obvious.

38. How you look can impact how you are perceived.

37. It’s always good to have a plan of action.

36. It’s important to be flexible.

35. Sometimes the greatest lessons can be learned from the smallest people.

34. Think twice and ask for advice, sometimes it’s just in your head.

33. Anger can be Bourne from fear.

32. Sometimes people aren’t ready to hear things.

31. There is more than one way to say something.

30. Fear motivates but love inspires.

29. Choose your words carefully.

28. Listen

27. We are all human.

26. We all wear masks from time to time.

25. From time to time it’s good to fly solo.

24. Don’t speak in anger.

23. Don’t let others bait you.

22. When at a loss, just breathe.

21. Often what you don’t do or say can have as much impact as doing and saying.

20. The world is a big place but smaller then you think, know your impact.

19. If you’re under attack, sometimes it’s good to just run.

18. Not every situation requires engagement.

17. Family is complicated for everyone.

16. Sometimes your friends are your family.

15. Always try to see where others are coming from.

14. You can be present without being in the room.

13. Your words live on.

12. Know that There are often forces you can’t see that control you or others.

11. Emotions can cloud your judgment, even leave you frozen.

10. Sometimes you just need to thaw out.

5. It’s important to be on the same frequency.

6. Disregard nothing.

5. Fear is a powerful drug.

4. Sadness and Hate are very social, like company and travel in groups.

3. You cant always get it done alone, change can require a team approach.

2. What you don’t know can hurt you.

1. From time to time it’s good to Test and tune up your communication systems.

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