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Acquire Mind Power With These 12 Steps

We’ve heard the old saying before. Mind over matter. The mind is a powerful tool to get the things you desire. Believing your way to success is a notion that has been written about in books for years. With the help of hypnosis, you can strengthen your mind and reach your goals.

These 12 steps include visualizing your goals, improving your personality, bringing wealth to you, finding the love of your life, and helping you to become charming and charismatic.

All of this may sound a little farfetched or new-age to you, but don’t count it out until you give it a try.

Let’s start with step 1, Environment. Find a peaceful place without distraction. This can be in your home or in a lounge in your back yard. A quiet place with a moderate temperature will keep you calm and focused.

Step 2 will have you dress the part. Don’t wear tight clothing that may be uncomfortable. Put on something soft, loose, and comfortable. You can even take off your shoes, belt, and tie (or scarf).

Step 3 includes being physically comfortable. Sit up straight, relax your hands, and loosen the tension in your shoulders.

In Step 4, we close our eyes. This blocks out the visual stimulation around you and keeps your focus narrow and help you stay relaxed.

In Step 5, you should breathe as you normally would. Listen to it, concentrate on it.

Step 6 is visualization. In your mind’s eye, call up the image of a dream or goal. See it happening. What does it look like? What color is it? Visualizing a goal into existence is half the battle.

In Step 7 you will place yourself in the images you have visualized. If it’s a career goal you’re focusing on, see yourself actually performing the tasks. See yourself a success. Don’t underestimate the power of your mind.

Step 8 will have you feeling the visualization, or image. Now you not only see the goal, you feel it. How does it feel to have reached your goal? Feel successful. Feel accomplished. Feel strong and capable.

In Step 9, add more of your senses to the experience of your goal. You not only see and feel the goal, you now hear what it is like, taste what it is like, and smell what it is like. Take it all in. Imagine how it would be to be living your dream career.

In Step 10, clear your mind of the visualization, dream, or goal. The trick is to use images without over-using them. Focusing on them for too long will tire you out. Taking a break between sessions will renew your mental energy to keep striving for your dreams.

Step 11 involves creating room in your psyche to embrace and receive your dream. Don’t be afraid to accept it. Don’t think that you don’t deserve it or it’s too big for you to have.

In Step 12, you should feel free to create the dream goal in your mind however you wish. Maybe it involves going to the thing you desire, such as a place you dream of working at, or a house you dream of owning, or a college you dream of getting into, and meditating on it, visualizing that you’re already there doing the very thing you desire. Maybe it involves writing your goals down on paper. Maybe it involves making a scrapbook of pictures that represent your dream goals. Do what feels right to you.

Learn more about the power of the mind and how the human brain works at BuildMindPower.com http://buildmindpower.com/

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