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Category: Articles

Read our articles, learn more about healthy life and create a better more fulfilling life for yourself.

Signs of Meth Use

Methamphetamine, otherwise known as meth, speed, crystal meth, chalk, ice, or other street names, is an illicit dangerous stimulant drug. Maybe highly addictive due to its high potency. It affects your body in multiple ways, and sometimes loved ones may find it difficult to notice signs of meth use. Furthermore, it affects life around you, …

Men’s Health Month 2019 – Addiction Among Men

June is Men’s Health Month. Every year, the month is recognized by the White House as a Congressional Health Education Program. The goal of Men’s Health Month is to increase awareness of preventable health issues and promote early detection and treatment of disease. This month encourages men, boys, and their family members across the country …

25 Inspiring Addiction Quotes About Recovery

The road to addiction recovery is not an easy one to take. It’s likely that those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction will face many challenges as they pursue a new life in sobriety. Recovery is a life-long journey that requires continuous dedication, so it’s important to stay vigilant and inspired. One of the things …

Why it’s so Important to Share Your Recovery Story

Once you have experienced the pangs of addiction, you know that it’s a very personal thing that affects everyone differently. It’s estimated that there are more than 23 million people that suffer from either drug or alcohol addiction, yet only one out of every ten will seek help for their problem. Your personal story can …

How Addiction Affects the Brain

In order to help people with addictions, it’s important to understand what addiction is, how it works, and why people become and stay addicted to substances. A good way to understand addiction is to understand the effects it has on the addict’s brain. By understanding addiction in that way, people will have a stronger foundation …