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Tips for Handling a Bad Day in Recovery

Being Resilient During the Ride Addiction recovery is a life that reaps both short and long-term rewards. Though recovery is a special kind of life because it is filled with gratitude and humility, it is still life just like any other because it has its ups and downs. An important lesson for those in recovery …

How is Music Therapy used in Addiction Treatment?

Although counseling and detox are essential in overcoming addiction, music can be great adjunctive therapy. Yes, the same music that serves a medium for relaxation and inspiration can also be used to heal and improve one’s physical, emotional, and health. The body’s ability to produce dopamine is heightened when we hear a song that we …

Ben Affleck’s Struggle with Alcohol Addiction

For many individuals, addiction is a long-running struggle. Addiction is a disease that cannot simply be cured. It is a life-long battle that needs to be maintained in order to fully recover. Award-winning actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck is no exception. Childhood Trauma Just like numerous people who struggle with addiction, Affleck experienced childhood trauma …

Ed Sheeran’s History of Substance Abuse

Article originally published by Grammy award-winning musician Ed Sheeran opened up about his secret history with substance abuse in 2017 that led him to take a hiatus from the industry. Sheeran, known for his chart-topping hits like “Shape Of You” and “Thinking Out Loud”, admitted that his sudden rise in international fame affected him …