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For once and for all, What’s worse? Alcohol or Drugs?

What’s worse? Alcohol or Drugs?

Yeah, I’m sure you’ve encountered this debate once or twice before. The debate might have been with a close friend, family member or even with yourself. People always have different opinions on this certain subject and is even considered to be a great conversation starter! Before we get down to discussing if the occasional swig of booze or the once in a while smoke of Marijuana is worse than the other, let’s get some facts on the table.

Mr. Booze, pleasure to meet you.

Officially, Alcoholic drinks are actually Ethanol and not Alcohol. Unlike drug-use, Alcohol is mainly consumed by drinking. Once consumed, Physiological effects and changes trigger our organs like the liver, brain, heart and other organs. Alcohol is known for its disadvantages like its negative effects on the function of the brain, a lead to high blood pressure and even Stroke. Aside from its negative side, it is believed that an occasional drink has its advantages. Soccer players are known for drinking around 350 ml after a game, replenishing a majority of the minerals and vitamins the body lost after the extensive exercise. The use of Alcohol is overall legal worldwide and is casually referred to in today’s media. For Islamic believers, it is forbidden to consume Alcohol as it is impure and forbidden.

And what about drug use?

Unlike Alcohol, the use of drugs is more vast and extensive in categories. Drugs can be consumed in many ways, some of them being oral, smoking, snorting and even through direct injections into the bloodstream. From Narcotics to Stimulants, Drug Classification is vast and each has their own effect on the body (mostly negative effects). Like Alcohol, there are some advantages and benefits from the use of drugs. Smoking Marijuana (possibly the most popular drug used), is known for its benefits of weight loss, Diabetes prevention and is even rumored to prevent Cancer. Don’t get carried away, there are many downsides to drug use. Back in 2016, a man with no criminal record was found eating a homeless man’s face under the use of the drug named “Bath Salts.” (Read the full story here: https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/Two-Killed-Another-Injured-at-Martin-County-Home-Where-Man-Found-Eating-Victims-Face-390278492.html)

So what’s worse?

If you’re still reading this, I bet that you think that they are both pretty bad and harmful. Overall, people are prone to addiction through extensive use of both Alcohol and drugs. Looking at our society, the use of Alcohol is legal and is even acceptable enough as drinking a beer after work. This gives a bigger vulnerability to an Alcohol addiction because of its mass availability. On the other hand, drugs are used more privately because of their illegality in most parts of the world. Even though Alcohol is considered to have very negative effects on the way we act, drugs have a disastrous record for causing bizarre cases and stories. Both aren’t recommended for any sort of consumption or use, but the effects of drugs seem to be more drastic than alcohol. This doesn’t mean that Alcohol takes a big win here, the consumption of Alcohol should be done wisely and moderated.


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