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Tag: empathy

Personality Disorder. Personality Disorder Test

A personality disorder is a type of mental disorder that affects the patient’s interpretation of reality. This affects their response to aspects of life. Individuals with personality disorders may have trouble connecting with other people, maintaining or starting relationships, and controlling their impulses. In most circumstances, the patient does not realize that their behavior and …

Thoughts on Adversity

Adversity seeks to be the biggest, well, adversary people face. Whether internal, external, slow burner or page turner, adversity comes in all shapes and sizes, colors, flavors,  names like: Self-challenges Others challenging Situations that challenge Challenges challenging Self doubt Self pity Physical pain Mental pain Loss Boss Loss of boss Fear Addiction Dependency Co-dependency Love …

Low Key My Empathy

It seems like Empathy is one of the easiest things to dish out in public (its better than “Sympathy” and easier than action) but one of the more challenging things to feel and even harder to teach. On the other hand, Empathy seems like something that in today’s world we need more of, and more …