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Tag: recovery

Meth Addiction. How to Find the Way Out

Meth addiction is an epidemic in Los Angeles. A significant number of LA residents are abusing meth, and it is having devastating effects on the addicts and those around them. Meth floods the addict’s nervous system and penetrates their brain to a higher degree than amphetamine.  The ecstatic feeling an addict gets upon taking meth …

Thoughts on Adversity

Adversity seeks to be the biggest, well, adversary people face. Whether internal, external, slow burner or page turner, adversity comes in all shapes and sizes, colors, flavors,  names like: Self-challenges Others challenging Situations that challenge Challenges challenging Self doubt Self pity Physical pain Mental pain Loss Boss Loss of boss Fear Addiction Dependency Co-dependency Love …

How to find your center in the chaos of daily life

Find your center: With all of the chaos and hubbub of daily life, it’s important that when you are home you take special effort to make sure you focus on yourself. Instead of engaging in high quantity low-quality outlets, like excess video gaming, binge watching the latest movies, shows or dramas here are some suggestions …