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Tag: SAD

Personality Disorder. Personality Disorder Test

A personality disorder is a type of mental disorder that affects the patient’s interpretation of reality. This affects their response to aspects of life. Individuals with personality disorders may have trouble connecting with other people, maintaining or starting relationships, and controlling their impulses. In most circumstances, the patient does not realize that their behavior and …

How to pick yourself up when you fall

“Help, I’ve fallen and I cant get up!”. It’s the famous commercial line that was designed to motivate the elderly and their caregivers to purchase supportive technology to alert people in the event of a fall or other injury. As it turns out, its not only the elderly that need to fear falling down. Falling …

How a small gesture can change the course of someone’s life forever, start now!

There are a million different ways in which people communicate. Across countries and continents, across digital and analog platforms, at home, at work, in school, high, low, in good times and bad. Humans tend to be social creatures, and with the advances in technology there are more ways than ever to connect. Many times however …

How to avoid getting SAD during the winter months

S.A.D or Seasonal Affective Disorder is a common disorder that affects millions. SAD is as it sounds: during specific times of year, primarily the winter months, people who suffer with SAD can have trouble sleeping or eating, anxiety, feeling down, depressed, melancholy, apathetic and generally, well, sad. The reasoning behind the disorder is that during …